XXXIV – Nihilism Doesn’t Matter

From a comment I made elsewhere, regarding Justin “Jussie” Smollett’s hoax crime:

(…) The [marketing] game is going to levels more and more depraved.

Where did this sickness come from? There is a plague of nihilism in a world that doesn’t care for or about God. In a world where nothing matters, there is no limit to how low we, as humans, can go. For a case-in-point, look at any Godless regime. Soviet Union: Mass murder. Cuba: Mass murder. Khmer Rouge: Mass Murder.

USA: Mass infanticide. But I digress.

Justin Smollett led a gilded life and it wasn’t good enough for him, and in our society the only people who are treated like unblemished lambs are people classified as victims. His calculus is only natural: If he can position himself into victim status, he can get anything he wants.


Our bizarro culture is reaching a breaking point. How can society be healthy when liars are held up as heroes? When murder is a right? When truth is offensive and lies are truth? When we can mutilate ourselves and carve ourselves into our own image?

We were formed of clay, and to clay we shall return. Trying to remake ourselves and our society will only hasten it, not perfect it.

Anything only matters in the context of Gods creation.

Our Godless society is forgetting what it means to matter at all.



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